The description of my Item is not showing the words "created by ..."

Not showing "Created by ..."
I have no idea what's wrong.
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this is my contract:

:1234: Code to reproduce

:computer: Environment

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I am not sure what is result you expect, could you please show an example at here?

Thanks for your reply!
This words in the picture below is not showing on the description of my new contract.

Old contract has it
Other contract

But in new contract it is Gone.
new contract

Still do not find the option: Description

Hey, where are you expecting to see that text? What's the URL on which you expected to see that "created by" - it doesn't look like a heading on etherscan

Sorry the text is on

Sorry the text is on

"A sad circle" doesn't look like the description in your OP. Maybe you could share those two links?

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Maybe you should ask the devs of the OpenSea for help.

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