The create command is deprecated: Building an OpenZeppelin dapp with Solidity Hot Loader

Hey Andrew,
I get an error at npx openzeppelin create (when following Building an OpenZeppelin dapp with Solidity Hot Loader)

$ npx oz create
The create command is deprecated. Use deploy instead.

npx oz deploy also does not work (at this stage at least)

Is there an update?

Thx =)

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Hi @ninonomad,

Welcome to the community :wave:

You can still use oz create or you should be able to use oz deploy with kind upgradeable. (As the Solidity Hot Loader uses upgradeable contracts).

Let me know if you run into issues and I can update the tutorial.

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Hi @ninonomad,

I ran through the tutorial and updated it to use oz deploy.

:warning: This tutorial uses OpenZeppelin Network.js which is deprecated. We are no longer actively developing new features nor addressing issues.

On Telegram I noticed that you appear to be using Windows.

I recommend moving to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
I use WSL2.

Hi @ninonomad,

I just wanted to check that you were able to use the tutorial?