“The contract code couldn’t be stored, please check your gas limit.”

Hi @spalladino and @obernardovieira - I think I currently get the same problem ("The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas limit.") because both the oz create <individual contract> and oz update <individual contract> commands seem to be broken (see: https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-sdk/issues/1250)

I suspect my problem is that when I make a couple of changes in some contracts, I hit the gas limit for oz update <individual> very soon because it tries to deploy all at once.
What’s the best way to circumvent this bug in the current SDK?@abcoathup
-> Answer: probably the non-interactive command input.

EDIT: The real reason was that my contracts were abstract because I did not override an inherited abstract function correctly.


Small topics like this might deserve an article. Along the way, as a developer, I’ve found some tricks. And I regreat a bit to not have written them down. I’ve been thinking about it.
I think that, the abstract contracts will be a reality in solidity 0.6 (read here https://diligence.consensys.net/blog/2019/11/solidity-the-young-adult/) but until now it made me feel powerless a few times :joy:

Thanks for sharing this.


@obernardovieira great article thanks for sharing! You are right. It usually pays to persist these daily struggles somewhere and share them. Not for pure selflessness, but also because most of the time you get invaluable feedback on your findings and current (mis)understandings. I ll try to follow your advice and write down as much as I can and share.


Thanks for sharing the article @obernardovieira. I didn’t realize how quickly we could have Solidity 0.6. Lots of great functionality. I have been bitten more than once by abstract contracts.

I want to build the forum into a community knowledge base, so I try to add a topic when I learn something (no matter how small, or how obvious) as it could save someone in the community in future (and often even myself :smile:)

Really appreciate all the knowledge being shared.
Thanks @gitpusha and @obernardovieira for being part of the community.


Thank you, you are doing an outstanding job!

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