Test ERC20 with Truffle

Hello, I ask you, I get a syntax error when I place this command

$ mkdir -p build/contracts/
$ cp node_modules/@openzeppelin/contracts/build/contracts/* build/contracts/

Could you help me find the error, thanks in advance, greetings.

Hi, welcome! :wave:

I am not sure why would you like to create this file build/ manually, actually when you run truffle compile, this folder will be generated automatically.

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Hello, thanks for answering, I can’t finish this tutorial, I get an error where I put it, I saw the example video, and I can’t write without executing the command, which gives me an error.

Could you please share your steps?

I get a syntax error after wanting to execute this: $ mkdir -p build / contract /
$ cp node_modules / @openzeppelin / contract / build / contract / * build / contract /

Why do you want to do this step?

@GabrieelPzg What syntax error do you get when you hit this? Also, just making sure, you’re doing this on a Linux/Unix based system, correct?

@Skyge I think they are trying to follow the tutorial here:

which has the step above noted for copying over the preset contracts into a new area for operating on them.

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Ohhh, I see, let me have a check. Thanks a lot

Hi, just like Brinohm said, what’s the error? I just followed the tutorial to do every step, and I did not encounter any errors.

Hi, can’t it be done on a windows system?

I think in windows, it should be


rather than