Ten BNB reward for anyone who can figure out a fix for this contract

First posted about this here -- Enigmatic BSC contract issue

Now the issue is bigger. It happened again (yes I used the same contract but before I realized it was a problem contract).

I am offering 10 BNB to anyone who can figure out what is going on with this contract to make it untradeable.

First contract -- 0x78A33B62bA0c86b38be6FDe23C28b208aEA60bF1

Second contract -- 0xfea5377af47742ada0b1d4d5528ed1d2368d148b

Hi @DeeBeeD

is this the contract MetaVersus (METAVS)?

Send me a dm here or on telegram. Tg username is sunfrank.
I want to try and help you figure this out.