Taxable erc20 token that works on uniswap

Hi, I need an erc20 token with tax on transfer and transferfrom version which also works on uniswap v2

Hi can you give more details? Do you need a token with reflection like safemoon? Or just a norma tax that goes to a wallet

Hey i can help you, my phone is to die, so better contact me on discord AlelogForever#4594 or here on openzeppeliin

Hey, no reflection just a fees that goes to a wallet.

Extract a % of the value b4 you complete the transfer. Take a look at the transfer function of the USDT contract for an example implementation.

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Yes I have done that but it does not work with uniswap. I have been trying to go through floki contract but it has everything integrated with reflection, which I don't want.

why doesn't it work with uniswap? What is the error? Alternatively if you have a UI for users to trade on, you could use one of the swap functions that support fee on transfer e.g.

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Okay, so the issue was that I had to override the _transfer function and not the transfer function. It is working now, thanks.

Hello, can you share you contract with me ?