Support with safeTransferFrom()

Hi, I'm doing a job to load opensea collections and their tokens into another project and sell them with user approval.

The thing is that I have created a token in Rinkeby, and from my script, I setApprovalForAll() with my address to an address X to the OpenSea contract that I have in the token and it runs without problems.
The problem is when I want to transfer that token from the approved address. Calling safeTransferFrom()... I get

Fail with error 'AssetContractShared#_requireMintable: ONLY_CREATOR_ALLOWED'.

I've been reading around, and some say it's because you have to mine the token from the owner first...but I've tried that too, and I get this message:

Fail with error 'AssetContractShared#_requireMintable: SUPPLY_EXCEEDED'.

Any suggestions?


You need to request the owner to sign approval for your contract to do safeTransferFrom


just like opensea did when user start listing their asset

Hi, the WyvernProxyRegistry contract is the one in charge of registering a new proxy by the Owner in OpenSea? if I want to approve my own proxy, should I interact with this contract?


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