Stuck on ZepKit Counter tutorial

Hey, I finally got ZepKit generally working by following the tutorial and some help in the forum.

Now I successfully deployed the contract but I am some kind of stuck on step 7 in the “Counter” tutorial:

  • I don’t think line 77 is the right place to put console.log(instance) into the code of App.js


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And according to the logs the app uses a wrong address:

Can someone help me with the app? Or is this a mistake in the tutorial description and in the App.js code?

Hello @marc0olo! Thank you for using the forum :slight_smile:

Would you mind trying cp -r client/src/contracts/ build/ in the projects root directory? Sometimes the build files don’t go in the right spot.

Let me know!

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Hey @marc0olo any news on this? :slight_smile:

@marc0olo kind ping :slight_smile: