Strange transactions - user error ?

Again and again I see in different projects with openzeppelin contracts transactions that are useless in my opinion.

A few examples:

Votecast with zero votes : 0xfe4d0706a942ce0997395af5d7b10fb7e04f69089e165a2518a1bfc14f5cc250

Transfer with amount = 0: 0x37988c8d321f00e4925fc07ec629b848107cf6c1556776ef09e3e593c7eba01a

Transfer with from = to: 0xc6e2edf1a6defe2eac7ba2e5779cf4d13f4fc3c122698f8476c7ba0105db3dd9

Delegation with fromDelegate = toDelegate: 0xa5bfc733ed6efb4c70cbac8378b6e08b7e34c1e6711e9aa099b399b2da4f7d05

In my opinion, all these transactions have no relevant effect. I can only explain this by a user error. Or am I missing something?

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

I think for the token transfer: Transfer with amount = 0 and Transfer with from = to, maybe users do something mistake, but for Votecast and Delegation with fromDelegate = toDelegate is okay, for votecast: Function: castVote(uint256 proposalId, uint8 support), I think parameters are right, for delegate, I am not sure for gasDAO, but I think it is okay to delegate to callerself, so then users can vote by themselves.