Source code for defender-relay-client package


I could not find the Github repository for this package

Could you point me to the repo?


Hey @benjlevesque, the defender-client packages are not open source for now. Is there anything in particular you were looking for that we could help with?

Thanks for your answer. Is it planned to open source it? It seems a bit strange for a package not to be open source, especially something that deals with blockchain transaction...

I was initally looking for the source code because of dependencies like aws-sdk and amazon-cognito-identity-js that are causing issues with our code. The issue I was getting was probably related to trying to use this package in a front-end, which I realized afterwards was probably not the intended use (I saw that CORS was not enabled on the API for instance)

Fair point. Let me discuss with the rest of the team and get back to you next week.

Indeed, that's not the intended use. Check out this note from the documentation:

Autotasks can be invoked either on a scheduled basis or via a webhook. If you want to call your Relayer from a webapp, the recommended way is to do so via an Autotask triggered through a webhook. Never place your Relayer API key and secret in a frontend, since anyone with those keys would have unrestricted control over your Relayer.

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Hey @benjlevesque, we've open sourced the defender-client repo!

Awesome, thanks @spalladino!