Sorry! The Compiled Contract ByteCode for '' does NOT match the Contract Creation Code for Address

Hello everyone, I built an ERC721a contract which I will leave here, I also deployed it to Rinkeby thanks to REMIX, I put all the constructor parameters and so far everything is normal.

When I want to verify the contract, it tells me that the ABI parameters of the transaction do not correspond, I have done everything, from redeploying the contract, using, searching for the abi of the transaction and the contract still cannot be verified.

In Remix it compiles well and without any errors and I want to know what could be happening to me because in 3 weeks I will go into production and I don't want to have any setbacks.

The address of the contract is: 0x9d1292498C66d96AB30db9a2097935590DbB6310

The transaction is: 0x94d6441abfe51553884532b7b5ad67b0ed8f85c9c2de647e9c2c4f1e0e357a9d

solidity compiler is: 0.8.12

It has optimization set to 200

The contract is:

Data in the constructor:

["0xe7b1d253b811Ca3a845e31F1124aEa502Bf73347", "0x60D48A149057b8B1A1fbD24DEE041705976204EF"]





Greetings and thank you very much

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

I think you can have a look at this tutorial:

And for the next time, please search at the forum at first, and then ask questions, thanks!
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