Solidity smart contract parserErro: expected ';' but got 'contract'


I am very new to this world, I apologize if there are obvious answers to my question. I am trying to compile my smart contract but ran into this error. Can anyone please let me know how to overcome this? Thak yuou!

you're missing a ";" at the end of the import statement. The error is telling you that it is expecting a ";" but got "contract" instead so you should look at where "contract" is and add a ";" before it :slight_smile:



Thank you, I really appreciate the help. I have added ; before contract but now facing a new challenge. The contract I imported did have the identifier stated in it.

Ahhh sorry for the miscommunication. I meant you need to add it at the END of the import statement i.e. import ""; :sweat_smile: