Solidity-docgen: Source file requires different compiler version (0.6.10 vs 0.6.12)

Hal reported on ConsenSys Discord (

Error: Solidity was unable to compile. 
    contracts/truefi/LoanFactory.sol:2:1: ParserError: Source file requires 
    different compiler version (current compiler is 
    0.6.12+commit.27d51765.Emscripten.clang) - note that nightly builds are 
    considered to be strictly less than the released version
    pragma solidity 0.6.10;

after running solidity-docgen --solc-module solc-0.6.10 -i contracts/truefi -o docs

To use Solidity DocGen with a different version of the compiler we can do the following:

Install the version of the compiler and use an alias to it:

$ npm install -D solc-0.6@npm:solc@0.6.10

Then run Solidity DocGen using the alias

$ npx solidity-docgen --solc-module solc-0.6

I tried this with example contract:

pragma solidity 0.6.10;

contract MyContract {

Now I’m getting:

TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'content' of 
    'this.input.sources[source]' as it is undefined.

After running:

yarn add -D solc-0.6@npm:solc@0.6.10
npx solidity-docgen --solc-module solc-0.6
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Hi @feewet,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I assume you need to specify your input?
npx solidity-docgen --solc-module solc-0.6 -i contracts/truefi -o docs

Do you have a repository that you can share?

Branch I’m working on:

I was able to generate some docs (yay), but am still getting the following error:

Error: Solidity was unable to compile. 
    contracts/registry/interface/IRegistry.sol:7:1: ParserError: Source 
    "contracts/registry/true-currencies/interface/IReclaimerToken.sol" not
     found: Cannot find module 
    Require stack:
    - /Users/haroldhyatt/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/solidity-docgen/
    - /Users/haroldhyatt/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/solidity-docgen/
    - /Users/haroldhyatt/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/solidity-docgen/
    import {IReclaimerToken} from 

Thanks so much for the support!

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Hi @feewet,

The following import doesn’t exist, you need to update the reference (or remove it if it isn’t needed), I assume this is meant to be: import {IReclaimerToken} from "../../true-currencies/interface/IReclaimerToken.sol";

Hi @feewet,

Just wanted to check if you were able to create your documentation?

Yes this is resolved. Since we were using waffle to compile, it was locating that file automatically, whereas solc was a bit more strict. Thanks so much!

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