Solidity Coverage fails with GSNv2 (OpenGSN)

Hi Everyone,

I have a set of open gsn contract tests and while trying to run coverage I get an error

Error: Cannot create instance of IPaymaster; no code at address 0x9561C133DD8580860B6b7E504bC5Aa500f0f06a7

The error comes at this line

config = await resolveConfigurationGSN(web3provider.currentProvider, {
  paymasterAddress: paymaster.address,
  logLevel: 1,

The tests work fine though

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Hi @viraj124,

All development on the GSN has been moved to the OpenGSN organization ( They are developing GSNv2.

They just announced that they have a forum that you can use to ask questions:

I recommend asking this question in the OpenGSN forum.

Hi @viraj124,

I see that you have created an issue with Solidity Coverage:

Can you try adding the interface to skipFiles in a .solcover.js?

Are you able to share a repository?

yep trying that now Thanks

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@abcoathup I have this in my packag.json
"coverage": "truffle run coverage --solcoverjs ./.solcover.js",
and my solcover file has this

module.exports = {
skipFiles: [
‘test/’, ‘./node_modules/@opengsn/gsn/contracts/interfaces/IPaymaster.sol’

but still IPaymaster isn’t skipped

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Hi @viraj124,

Do you have a public repository that you can share?

I had a look at this GSNv2 example:
Unfortunately the test with GSN fails.

resolved it yesterday @abcoathup thanks anyways

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Hi @viraj124,

What did you need to do to resolve it? (Thinking of anyone else in the community running into this issue in the future)

Just added stuff in my .solcover file

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