Show and Tell: Share your examples of using Zeppelin

Share your examples of using Zeppelin:

  • OpenZeppelin
  • ZeppelinOS
  • ZepKit
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I think I have a thousand examples from when I was learning OpenZepelin :joy: but they are all in a private repo. I’ve been around them, reparing everything to be public.
Also, I had an amazing project done with ZeppelinOS, but the code is still private (nothing that I can control, It’s on client). The project who used ZeppelinOS was started using only OpenZeppelin and I though I knew everything about ZeppelinOS, until I really started working on it :man_facepalming: so yeah, very cool to share some work here.
I would love to see projects from other people, using ZeppelinOS.
About ZepKit, I’ve only tested, not really used in a project. Althoug it’s amazing.


I created BlockHorses using the OpenZeppelin ERC721 implementation.

Which led to my first PR in OpenZeppelin

I also helped create with @bbarton the contract for Peepeth badges

Though I wish I had linted all the above contracts and tests the way that OpenZeppelin does.

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