Set ERC20 token supply to 1 or less?

I have a few questions about ERC20 tokens. Can I generate a token with an initial supply of 1 or less than 1? In other words, can I mint less than 1 token?

Also, when adding a burn function, can I burn less than 1 token?


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Yes you can create a token with an initial supply of zero.
An example is deploying a mintable token with no initial supply: Create an ERC20 using Remix, without writing Solidity

Assuming you use decimals of 1 or more, then you can mint less than one whole token.
See the documentation on decimals:

If you use decimals of zero then you can only have whole integers of tokens.

Remix is great to deploy tokens to public testnets and experiment with different amounts.
You could have a look at this simple example ERC20 token with a fixed total supply: Deploy a simple ERC20 token in Remix

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