Send ERC20 tokens to other address “Fail with error ‘whenNotPaused’”

Hi again,

It was a great help (ERC20 Contract is initialized now how do I set initial supply of tokens) and I manage to setup the token supply.
The next issue appeared when I try to send tokens to other address.

As shown, the error says “Fail with error ‘whenNotPaused’”.
I am not sure what is this error and how to fix that.

The other error I notice in truffle console is “'Error: nonce too low”.

I am looking into the document and I hope to find the solution.


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Hi @Raghav_Lyon,

Are you able to share your ERC20 Contract?

Hi, I am sorry for missing out your message.
I manage to do what I was doing, a try in ropsten network.
The code is in github, which is by company called Paxos
Here is the code

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Hi @Raghav_Lyon,

Are you working on an upgrade to the Paxos token or using it as a basis for your own token?

If you are creating a new token from scratch, it may be easier to inherit from OpenZeppelin in a recent release.

Hi @abcoathup,

I am in a process of understanding the upgrade. I was given paxos as example asked to implement something similar, which I managed to do that. I only had issue with configuration initially but everything worked out.
In regard to upgrade, I am looking into openzepplin too and most likely I will be using that, for a reason that I will have a very good support, in case I face any problem.


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