Save transaction or scenario in Truffle

hi, and thanks in advance for the help

in remix, when you deploy a contract, you can save that “scenario” or transaction and then, days later, you can interact with it.

using Truffle, how can I do something similar?
make a display and then “return to the functions of that contract”?


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Sorry, I am not similar with truffle, maybe you can ask in their forum. All I know is you can specify the contact address in the config like this:

  "networks": {
    "<network id>": {
      "events": {},
      "links": {},
      "address": "<contract address>" // this would be the your contract address

But it seems like can not help you more.

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Hi @Refresko,

In Truffle, I would have a migrations script, and if there was some setup that I wanted to do, I would write a script to do that. I can then run the script on a local network, public testnet or mainnet.

I haven’t come across a replay transaction command. As @skyge said, you may want to ask the Truffle team.

I assume you mean to create an interface for a contract?

I tend to verify a contract and then use Etherscan.

Alternatively you could try services such as or using the ABI and address of your contract.

If you are using OpenZeppelin Defender, you could use Defender Admin: