safeTransferFrom not working with web3JS

Hello, I’m currently testing a DApp, I’ve deployed an NFT smart contract using the Ropsten Net and Alchemy. Inside JS I am able to call functions such ownerOf, BalanceOf, etc…, but when I try to run safeTransferFrom, approve, or transferFrom it does not work. I am able to transfer the tokens from a metamask wallet to another, but when running the same function from JS, it does not work.

Functions tried:

contract.methods.transferFrom(_from, _to, 1).call({from: _from}),
contract.methods.transferFrom(_from, _to, 1).send({from: _from}),
contract.methods.safeTransferFrom(_from, _to, 1).call({from: _from})
contract.methods.safeTransferFrom(_from, _to, 1).send({from: _from}),

contract.methods.approve(_to, 1).call(),

If anyone has any suggestions i’d really appreciate it, thanks.