SafeMoon rOwned and tOwned pool?

Looking at SafeMoon.sol contract here There are 2 ownership maps rOwned and tOwned depends on if the wallet address is excluded or not. It seems to need to maintain certain ratio between the 2 for transfer and liquidity.

tOwned is out of 1E24 total supply of SafeMoon Token.
rOwned is out of the remainder of uint256Max - 1E24.

Does it mean the token’s owner (dev) owns all of remainder? Why do they need to maintain these 2 different maps? Thanks

Yes, when the contract is deployed (safemoon clones) the tokens go directly to the holder by default. Then the dev usually does dxSale or locked liquidity. That’s the current trend. You could set the owner to something else using the below code

_rOwned[_msgSender()] = _rTotal;
is really

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Thanks for this thread @jirosaito and your reply, @Tsushima_Yoshiko . I’m finally able to piece together what these two mappings are trying to convey.

Anybody know what the t and r in front of them mean/stand for?
reflectionTotal and taxTotal, maybe? Or am I incorrect in assuming that?

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Looking at the .sol file I would guess
t stands for take
r stands for reflect

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