Running a Relayer

What I want to do is run a relayer on a custom network, which would entail the following:

  1. deploy relayhub on the network
  2. run a relayer from a reachable url
  3. register relayer
  4. fund dapp

I was having some trouble with the second step,
i believe this is where i can get a downloadable binary for my OS
I’m using macOS Catalina (v10.15.1), could you guide me through the steps to installing the binary?

was wondering, if running a relayer is only about getting a reachable URL - is it independent of the network RelayHub is deployed on?
if yes, then is there a general purpose Relayer available, URL for which can be used directly?

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Hi @nglglhtr,

For me on Windows this was just a matter of running the exe once downloaded from the command line.

On Linux (based on: I downloaded the Linux binary using curl

curl '' -o RelayHttpServer -L -s

Then ran it with default options


For help:

./RelayHttpServer --help

For MacOS I assume the binary is darwin-amd64.

Each Relayer is configured for a specific network. In the GSN multiple Relayers can be running. It is a matter of running the Relayer with the appropriate options for the network you are using.

Hi @nglglhtr,

I wanted to check how you got on running a relayer?

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Hey @abcoathup,
I was able to get a running relayer on my preferred network, thanks for all the help :slight_smile:
Had to switch OS though. Wasn’t able to get one up and running on MacOS Catalina. It was a breeze on Linux and Windows

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Hi @nglglhtr,

Glad that you have the relayer running. Sorry that you had to switch OS.

Be great to hear about your experience running the GSN with Matic network.