Releasing ERC20 Funds with the Payment Splitter contract

Is it possible to release ERC20 funds with the payment splitter contract? Should overriding the release function be enough? @frangio

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This is a new feature that is included in the upcoming release.

Has a release date been set?

It's a couple of weeks from now. You can use the release candidate that is currently available from npm at @openzeppelin/contracts@next.

Upgradable contract should work also?

import "@openzeppelin/contracts@next-upgradeable/finance/PaymentSplitterUpgradeable.sol";

Sorry there is currently an issue with the release candidate for the upgradeable contracts. I'm hoping to be able to release it in the next few days.

Great if you could post here once released would really appreciate it.

Please subscribe to this issue and/or the releases on GitHub:

Do you have an updated estimate on the release date?

Let's forget about using upgradable version for now.
Is this how I should use the release candidate?

import @openzeppelin/contracts@next/finance/PaymentSplitter.sol

I've run npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@next but don't actually see anything in my openzeppelin directory with contracts@next

You have to install with @next, but then import from the normal package name. @next is just specifying the version that you want to install. Upgradeable release candidate will be released tomorrow.