Release Candidate for Contracts 3.3

OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.3 is around the corner!

Here are the changelog entries:

  • Now supports both Solidity 0.6 and 0.7. Compiling with solc 0.7 will result in warnings. Install the solc-0.7 tag to compile without warnings.
  • TimelockController: added a contract to augment access control schemes with a delay. (#2354)
  • Address: added functionStaticCall and functionDelegateCall, similar to the existing functionCall. (#2333)
  • EnumerableSet: added Bytes32Set, for sets of bytes32. (#2395)

The upgradeable and solc-0.7 variants will be released together with the final release at the end of the release candidate period in about a week.


Hey! Seems like the link for TimeLockController is wrong, it points to an unrelated PR:

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@nventuro Thanks! I’ve fixed it now.

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