Release an ERC-20 token periodically?

Hi, new to blockchain was learning zepelin and then ran into a problem of periodic release.

Create a contract (vesting + token) with a token (XYZ token, 18 decimal ) supply of 100 Million. Admin/token deployer can enter upto ten addresses where the token will disperse evenly for 12 months. Token release schedule will be per min.

What is the exact problem you are running into exactly?

There are several solutions to automatically release tokens.

The smart contracts themselves don’t do anything unless some is interacting with them.

To automatically release tokens you could check the block time and whenever someone requests their balance you can check it against the block time and multiply that time with a specific amount of tokens and add include that in the balance returned. There is an security issue with the fact that the block time can be manipulated by the block miner/validator so you can to take that into account.

Another way is to make an automated task that periodically calls your contract to execute an call that adds the tokens.

You can use something like openzeppelins autotasks for that, see: