Relayer unable to estimate gas price?

Hey guys,

The past few days my transactions on Mumbai have been failing without any changes to my code pipeline. It is happening to all the transactions on mumbai (not just one) and I'm using the OpenZeppelin Relayer. I suspect the RPC its using may be having trouble estimating gas? The amount of gas used is always variable for some of my transactions so i cant simply hardcode a value. Any recommendations on how to fix these errors?

Here is the reason: Error: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit "code":"UNPREDICTABLE_GAS_LIMIT",

Hey @jrocco2, I'm seeing no errors from the Mumbai RPC endpoints we rely on. The message you share is usually caused by trying to estimate gas for a transaction that would fail due to a revert. If you issue an eth_call instead of an eth_estimateGas, you should be able to get back the revert reason. Can you try that, or share here the tx you're trying to send? Thanks!