Recommended way to split ERC20 initial token supply

Initially all supplied token will be assigned to _totalSupply and _balances[owner]. Suppose I do not want to sell all token in public sale. I want to sell only 30% of token in public sale, 20% of token through organization A and 30% token through organization B. And I want to hold 20% token to give as incentives who holds the token long time. If I am following ERC20 and openZeppelin standard how to do these things. Is there any sample smart contract or any good tutorial.

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Sounds like a crowdsale contract, but not exactly. There is simple contract you can have a look:

And here is document:

And for the distributions, maybe it could be

_mint(OrganizationA, _totalSupply*2/10);
_mint(OrganizationB, _totalSupply*3/10);
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