Read and Explain a Solidity/Yul (Assembly Inline) code Pay per Hour

I need a explanation about a code with 400 hundred lines.

Some parts of the code have inline assembly (Yul).

Contract: 0xAd759B4634bf48C982541C8dB61b4581470b4974

I pay per hour of explanation. I want to read asap

Hey man, how are you?

I work with tokens of this implementation, call me on the telegram @skyxcripto I can take your questions and explain what you need. It is a widely used contract for tokens that require a reasonable level of security.

Hi gus, I am a professional smart contract developer, my email

Hello, i can do that if you want :slight_smile: you can contact me on discord @Nova#5147 or on tg @Tfll123 (i do prefer discord though). Also you're confusing assembly and Yul, they're not the same thing.


is not a contract