Question about ERC 20 tokens are Avalanche

Are the decimals for ERC 20 contracts 9, as opposed to 18. I watched someone code a contract on the Avalanche YouTube channel and he used 9. When I first tried to code with 18 decimals on testnet, I added the coin to my wallet and only had one token. When I tried the contract with 18, I had 100000000 tokens in my wallet?

Hello! Could you please provide us with the code? You could changed the variable "decimals" but the premint uses 8 insted of 18 or the decimals variable.

I noticed that after reading through some other contracts. Here is one of the contracts I created:


Just a simple one based on a tutorial I watched and copied the code from GitHub. (Dapp University.)

If you have the time, would you mind posting some different examples of Avax token contracts? You can either post the contracts and what they are for/do. Even better if their is a site, blog or GitHub page that break them down I'm starting simple and working my way up.

the number of decimal places only indicates the amount by which your token will be divisible