Proxy Factory Deployment

I would like to manually deploy a factory contract once and spawn proxies at a later point.

Right now I’m using SimpleProject to set up the proxy factory.

const project = new SimpleProject(‘MyContract’, { from: creatorAddress });
await project.setImplementation(MyContract_v0);

let factoryAddress =  project.implementations.MyContract.address

Now that I have the project (proxy factory) address I would like to store it and use it in a function to spawn a new proxy when called.

const SpawnProxy = () => {

const project = new SimpleProject(‘MyContract’, { from: creatorAddress });
await project.setImplementation(MyContract_v0, factoryAddress);

  const proxy = await project.createProxy(MyContract_v0, { 

return proxy._address

When trying this with my setup it doesn’t seem to be working. The setImplementation function creates a new proxy factory instead of using the one that has already been created.

How can I achieve the desired result?

Bonus: Proxies I’m creating have are ownable and it doesn’t seem to be set correctly when querying who the owner is. Ideally, it would be the person who created the factories.

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Hey @tor! Can you try using registerImplementation instead of setImplementation? Something like the following:

project.registerImplementation("MyContract", { address: factoryAddress })

By the way, I’m aware we need to do a better job at documenting the programmatic interface, and we’re working on it. In the meantime, please feel free to ask here any questions you may have!


That seemed to do the trick. Thank you.