Poll: How do you abbreviate decentralized application (dapp, Dapp, dApp or DApp)?

How do you abbreviate decentralized application?
Feel free to share with the community why you abbreviate the way that you do.

  • dapp
  • Dapp
  • dApp
  • DApp
  • Something else (please share below)

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I use dApp. I think it was how I saw it first and have mostly stuck with that. :smile:
Though happy to be corrected.

Wikipedia has dapp, Dapp, dApp or DApp.

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I prefer “Trustware” as Andreas Antonolpolous called it in his lectures on bitcoin scripting.

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I wanted to vote dApp but misclicked :frowning: is it not possible to change a poll vote?

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Click hide results to show the poll again and then click on your preferred option.
I had to look it up on meta.discourse.org as it wasn’t obvious how to do this.

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Funny enough, this is trustless tech

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@k06a created a poll in BokkyPooBahs-Ethereum-Workshop telegram


Reddit r/ethereum:

Note that it’s originally Đapp. The letter Đ (pronounced like G from giraffe in my country) is in fact the old English word Eth: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eth
But I usually do Dapp, which in my mind makes it into its own word rather than an abbreviation. - bitfalls

I have started just writing “dapp”.
In the end, when this becomes mainstream, all syntax will drop, and simplicity will win. So I think “dapp” will be how it ends up. - sonicsmith

In that case it should just be “app” when it’s mainstream. Will the average joe in the world really care or understand decentralized? - MarkOSullivan

+1 for dApp. I’m not sure how strong the logic is, but it just seems like it puts the emphasis on the “App” part which everyone understands and modifies it. - jconn93

Take your pick. I’ve worked in the online space for over 10 years and still can’t figure out the correct terminology for simple terms like: Login / log in / log into the frontend / front end of my ecommerce / e-commerce / eCommerce website / web site. - ViperfishAU

This reminds me of the confusion between E-Mail, Email, and email. We know which one of those won so you can probably guess this one. Hint: it’s dapp. - Sargos

What is the case for capitalization? dapp. - belizeth

Nerds and their camelcase - WeLiveInaBubble

The same way I abbreviate centralised app - Mineburst

App or Ethereum App - johpfe

Why make the distinction? If the UX is good, users won’t have to know anything about the backend tech anyway. - petok

Alternatives (seriousness may vary):