Pick functions in OZ standard library to save gas

Is it possible to select functions to use in OZ standard library not including all functions to waste gas?
in a nutshell, use them in need.

What functions are you thinking of?

External functions can't be removed. Internal functions are only included in the code if you actually use them. Otherwise the compiler removes them.

renounceOwnership() , transferOwnership() in Ownable.sol

The scenario comes to my development. I will lose control of my contract if I unexpectedly click [renounceOwnership] in Remix IDE in order to update or remove data in My contract.

I knew I can remove those 2 functions at the beginning to prevent misoperation later. but manually modifying the Ownable.sol may cause an unexpected error in production. Do you need a mechanism to do that?

The only way to "remove" functionality without editing the original Ownable.sol is to override the functions with a revert statement in the body. It's not going to be 100% cheaper because you will still have code for dispatching on the function selector, possibly decoding arguments, and then reverting, but the original code will not be included if it's not used.

I think there has some space to improve. if solidity adds a new keyword to mark those functions which will not include after compiled. Thank you for your answer.