Pending contract deployment due to network congestion

Thanks @abcoathup. Just wondering if you launch the contract the gas limit I think you had recommended to 4,000,000 and is safe low gas price usually fine for contract to go through?

If you have a pending transaction from a contract, you can either cancel or send it again with higher gas price trying to cancel or replace it, but with contracts not sure what is the best way to go. I had paid 50% above daily low gas price but the transaction was still not picked up.

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Hi @Link,

There is network congestion currently and gas prices have been above 100 Gwei.

Your choice is either to wait for the transaction to be mined, increase the gas price (sending the same transaction with the same nonce) or cancel the transaction (send a transaction of zero value to yourself with a higher gas price and the same nonce).

If it isn’t blocking you, you may want to wait until after the weekend in case your transaction gets picked up.

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