OpenZeppelin Test Environment, Solidity-coverage and Jest

I am looking a way to run solidity-coverage test reports for openzeppelin-test-environment tests run with Jest. No Truffle.

  • Has anyone tried this before? I did not find any posts or documentation for examples.

  • If and likely when not, what are the right places to start poking openzeppelin-test-environemtn to support coverage reports? As far as I understood solidity-coverage someway (how?) hooks into Ganache and special steps are needed when setting up in-process testrpc chain.

Any points welcome… even pointing out the source code lines where would be helpful.


Hi @miohtama,

There is an open issue for integrating to the new version of solidity-coverage

I will see what else I can find out.

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Hi @miohtama,

The team will need to look at the best way to integrate the new version of solidity-coverage. (This hasn’t happened yet).

The latest information is in the open issue:

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