OpenZeppelin July 2019 development update

Hi everyone! Here are all the things that kept us busy this month. It has been a busy one. Strap on!

You’ve got a new name!

First of all, we have dedicated most of the time in launching our new brand. We have renamed our packages, repositories, and utilities to match with our shiny new brand. Furthermore, we are especially proud of how the new documentation looks and feels (thanks @frangio ).

Docs live here:

Our rebranding got featured in Last Week in Ethereum.

More information here

Starter Kit grows

Provable created the first third-party Starter Kit :tada:. It gives dapp developers the power to connect with external data within their blockchain applications. Provable is just the beginning, more to come soon.

Provable Announcement
All Starter Kits available

The missing link

During this month, @ylv-io has been busy creating the missing pieces to connect all the stack components together. Thanks to his work on oz.js, now it is going to be easy for developers to interact with the blockchain from their frontends. Best of all, it is already integrated inside our Starter Kit.

Announcement in the forum
Starter Kits Documentation

Releases, Releases, Releases!

In the midst of all these projects, we still managed to give developers a new version of the SDK with some bug fixes (hello v2.5.1) and all the new names for commands and utilities. It includes people’s favorite interactive commands spearheaded by @jcarpanelli.

SDK Announcement in the forum: Announcing the OpenZeppelin SDK

A game of Gas!

We have also been working alongside Tabookey to release Gas Station Network (GSN). GSN transforms demanding technical decentralized apps into consumer apps ready for mass adoption by abstracting gas costs.

Although it probably feels like years for some of us ( :pray:@nventuro), GSN is going to be live soon. We made solid progress.

  • GSN is already live on Rinkeby.
  • We developed a website for GSN with @asselstine.
    :shushing_face:shh, here is a sneak peek: (
  • During the next month, we’ll deploy it on mainnet and publish documentation so you can start using it inside your app.

Next steps

During August, we are traveling the world. First, our team is going to gather together for a retreat in the north of Spain. We plan to charge our batteries and get the Gas Station Network ready. Afterward, we are going to be in Berlin where we’ll be attending Berlin Blockchain Week to present Gas Station Network and our new tools to the community.

Let us know what you think about the latest developments, our plans or anything else that concerns you below.

Stay tuned for more!