OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.2 - Release Candidate

This version has now been officially released. See OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.2.

We’re back with a release candidate for the next version of OpenZeppelin Contracts!

This time the big feature is we’ve migrated our proxy contracts from OpenZeppelin SDK into the Contracts project. We hope this will make more people aware of upgrades in Ethereum, and we also think the contracts will benefit greatly from the continued scrutiny by all of you in the community. This was also a migration of the proxies from Solidity 0.5 to 0.6, which we know some users have been waiting for.

For Solidity 0.7 users, a reminder that we have support for the newer compiler version in the solc-0.7 branch, also published on npm under the tag solc-0.7, the latest release being 3.1.0-solc-0.7.

Contracts 3.2 for Solidity 0.7 will continue to be published in this way after the release candidate period, and we’re considering officially switching to 0.7 for the release after this one.

There is additionally a small breaking change in ERC20Snapshot that may affect some of its users. If you’re one of them please take a look at the changelog.

Check out the release candidate on npm!

npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@next

Big step forward with the migration of the proxy contracts to the Contracts project, I think it will bring a lot of attention to upgradability which was kinda buried in the OZ cli internals - specially for those who don’t want to adopt the whole thing and might want to keep their tool stack as minimal as possible.

Hope it also starts some community-wide conversations about why you should/shouldn’t make your contracts upgradable, that would be an interesting topic.


Hi @Madness,

I am really excited that the proxy contracts are getting more visibility by being part of OpenZeppelin Contracts. The big benefit is increased awareness around upgrades and community scrutiny of the contracts themselves.

I’m also keen to see more awareness around governance of upgrades.

I created the following guides walking through the process of creating, testing, deploying, transferring control of upgrades to a multisig and upgrading:

Would you like to create a new topic to kick off the discussion on when to make contracts upgradeable?


Will take a look, thx !

I’ll see what I can do, no promises though!

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The version for Solidity 0.7 is ready in the branch release-v3.2.0-solc-0.7.

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