OpenZeppelin 2.1: first release candidate

In this minor release we’re bringing back some features that were removed for the 2.0 release, adding new contracts requested by the community, and making some popular operations more gas efficient. :running_man: :dash:

To install the release candidate run npm install openzeppelin-solidity@next. We want to hear what you think!

The actual 2.1 release will come out after a week of no changes to the release candidate.


  • Added WhitelistCrowdsale, a crowdsale where only whitelisted accounts (WhitelistedRole) can purchase tokens. Adding or removing accounts from the whitelist is done by whitelisters (WhitelisterRole). Similar to the pre-2.0 WhitelistedCrowdsale. (#1525)
  • ERC20's transferFrom and _burnFrom now emit Approval events, to represent the token’s state comprehensively through events. (#1524)
  • SafeMath now also supports signed integers (int256). (#1559)
  • ERC20 and ERC721 are now more gas efficient due to removed redundant SSTOREs and requires. (#1409 and #1549)

:new: See the details in our brand new CHANGELOG!