Only proxy deployed using Upgrades Plugins

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First, great article(s), you have been so helpful in my learning of solidity this past year. So thank you!

Deploy the contract to a public network

I am confused when you get to this seciton. Your screen shot after running truffle migrate shows:

  1. ImplementationContract (Box)
  2. ProxyAdmin
  3. AdminUpgradeabilityProxy

When I run mine locally I only receive AdminUpgradeabilityProxy deployed confirmations.

Why would this be?

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Only one ProxyAdmin gets deployed per network (and per project) See:

I assume that you have already deployed on that network, so the ProxyAdmin and implementation contracts have already been deployed, so only the proxy needs to be deployed.

You could check what values there are in your network file:

Public network files should be tracked under version control:

Were you deploying to a public network or a local network such as ganache?

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Were you able to resolve?