onERC20Received for safe ERC20 transfers

I see that ERC721's safeTransferFrom expects an onERC721Received function in the receiving contract. SafeERC20 also has a safeTransferFrom function, but the meaning appears to be completely different.

Is there a reason there isn't an onERC20Received interface implemented for contracts receiving ERC20 tokens? I do see online references to onERC20Received, but it's not implemented in the standard OZ contracts AFAICT.


Apologies for the confusion. These two functions are indeed different even though they are named the same! There is no onERC20Received standard.

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I see. Thank you. Is there a reason for this discrepancy? onERC721Received seems like a valuable concept. Why not apply it to ERC 20s as well?

ERC20 and ERC721 were developed separately, that explains why they're different.

A token would be able to add an onERC20Received but there are better and more standard alternatives to this currently, namely using permit.

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