Npx oz compilers

Can anyone tell me that if i want to use 2 different compilers when doing npx oz create / deploy ? as half of my contracts need 0.7.6 and others need 0.8.4.

Hey @BassamMonib! Unfortunately the oz CLI does not support multiple compiler versions. Furthermore, the oz SDK is no longer maintained (see here). We recommend migrating to Hardhat which does support multiple compilers.

@spalladino Thanks for the reply. I’m actually working with these

npx oz-gsn run-relayer
npx oz-gsn fund-recipient --recipient

and they worked fine with oz with one compiler version.
Can you tell me that how can i do above in hardhat.

Note that oz-gsn and oz are different tools: while oz was meant for compiling, deploying, interacting, and upgrading, the oz-gsn CLI has a set of helpers for working with the GSNv1. However, since then, GSN has evolved into v2 under the stewardship of the OpenGSN team. I strongly recommend that if you’re building with the GSN you switch to the new version which requires their toolchain.

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