Not able to upgrade the uups contract

I have deployed the proxy contract on BSC testnet I got the address 0x26Cd55C405a4FD18Cca86e6549A6a6a93924d473 and in this contract there are two functions 1. stake and 2. AddStake and in these functions there are bool variables in parameter now I have removed bool parameter from these two functions and now I am trying to upgrade this implementation contract on the same proxy contract and whenever I am trying to deploy i am getting the bool parameter and everytime i am deploying the new proxy contract i am getting the new proxy contract and same implementation contract..

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It looks like it keeps trying to upgrade it to the same implementation contract (and therefore nothing is changed). Ensure your "validatorStake" contract factory is using your newest code. Perhaps try npx hardhat clean to cleanup any old Hardhat artifacts first.