Need staking contract

Are there production ready Staking contracts that I can just copy and paste?

1)Flexible Staking Contract, where user can deposit x token and gets x amount of Token per block as reward

Optional would be to a fixed lock. more % reward of token for 3 month lock period.

A link to a smart contract that does that would work too

If you would like to purchase a custom staking contract from a top tier developer, then you can contact me on telegram: @solidityX

everyone can say that
Who are you?

I am working for new startup projects and also more known projects.
Examples for that are kabanaclub, avanzo investments or dogeking.

nevver heard of them

That's okay, you can do your own research to find more about the projects. Most of them are startups but you can see that they are not just some shit projects. If you are interested in purchasing a custom contract, contact me, otherwise you can wait for someone else

search for my thread on this forum. I have posted a functional staking contract

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As @metalheadben kindly mentioned, he already posted a working contract. Maybe you can use it for your purpose or get inspired by it:

@JeffreyTheBuster just keep in mind that contracts as complex as staking rarely are "just" copy/paste.