Need Help with the swapandliquify function in my contract. Contract is not swapping tokens collected from tax to BNB

Hello Folks. Hope you are well!

I needed a bit of help. I'm launching a token and I've modified a pre existing contract.

Old contract code link:

The contract collects a percentage of tax (6% Liquidity) and then swaps the tokens to bnb and sends them to the marketing wallet and airdrop wallet. Earlier the marketing divisor was 3 and airdrop divisor was 3. And it would Swap the tokens to bnb and then send the bnb in equal parts to the two wallets mentioned above

I then changed the liquidity fee to 8%. And the marketing divisor to 5 and airdrop divisor to 3. While testing the contract on testnet. It doesn't seem to be swapping the tokens collected in the contract to bnb.

New modified contract code (testnet) link:

The minimum token to swap is set to 100 million and the contract has collected 1.1 billion

Any idea why it's not swapping to bnb?

Did you manage to solve this?