Missing part of the WITHDRAW Function

Good evening

we have deploy a contract, and when we tryed to withdraw, the transaction worked, but 0 ether was transfered from our smartcontract.

when we have read again our contract, it appear that a large part of the withdrawx function is missing, it is written:

function withdraw() public payable onlyOwner {

and is missing all this:

(bool success, ) = payable(msg.sender).call{value: address(this).balance}("");


please how can we add this to our function / contract and be able to withdraw?

(this misstake has been done because their was a written fuction that was giving 5 % of sale to OpenZeppelin. Their was written that if we do not want to give this, we need to delete this part, but under this was written the real needed fuction, and we deleted it by the same time)