Meta transactions for 3rd party contracts

Hey guys, I have a quick question about meta transactions

As I understand it, my contract needs to be meta-transaction enabled for me to use gsn. But what if I want to be able to pay transaction costs for a contract I do not own? Specifically, can I pay for an ERC transaction from my EOA but from another account or contract?

I have an account with a compromised key (check the spelling of your .secret file in gitignore🙈) it only had some loose change but it also has some ENS names I want to recover


Hi @Aaron,

To use the GSN the contract needs to be GSN enabled. So unfortunately I don’t think it can help you in this scenario.

Assume you need to fund your EOA and then perform the transfer in the same block before bots grab the funds from the EOA.

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Hi @aaron,

Jordan Spence of MyCrypto just wrote an article on how they retrieved CryptoKitties from the control of a compromised EOA: