MerkleProof Issue

I have attached my merkleproof code. I just found this code in openzeppelin repository.

I don't know what is the mistake I did in the code. But still, I get the wrong one. If anyone gives me some tips for that. It would be great for me. or else share any medium and sample files here.


const { MerkleTree } = require('merkletreejs');
const keccak256 = require('keccak256');

const { expect } = require('chai');

const MerkleProofWrapper = artifacts.require('MerkleProofWrapper');

contract('MerkleProof', function (accounts) {
  beforeEach(async function () {
    this.merkleProof = await;

  describe('verify', function () {

    it('returns false for an invalid Merkle proof', async function () {
      const correctElements = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
      const correctMerkleTree = new MerkleTree(correctElements, keccak256, { hashLeaves: true, sortPairs: true });

      const correctRoot = correctMerkleTree.getHexRoot();

      const correctLeaf = keccak256(correctElements[0]);

      const crtProof = correctMerkleTree.getHexProof(correctElements[2]);

      console.log("Return check", await this.merkleProof.verify(crtProof, correctRoot, correctLeaf));
      expect(await this.merkleProof.verify(crtProof, correctRoot, correctLeaf)).to.equal(true);

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Hello Friend, could you please help me?

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