Matic transfer successful, but balance not visible in defender

:computer: Environment

I am using Defender's relayer on Matic production. Relayer is used to transfer matic tokens to my users.


  • To add matic balance to the relayer, I transferred 175 Matic tokens to ETH address of defender relay client. I believe, ETH and Matic public addresses are same.
  • The transaction is confirmed on chain, but the matic balance is not updated in my defender client

Transaction tracking info

  1. Transaction hash: 0x15e0695ec7a986bf797d841b24ca21ce535ee8e30eb13446e63729946f76e112
  2. Sent to address: 0x590a6b3f59158676b4cbc66a874d73fe21162446
  3. Etherscan status:

Somehow, the transaction is not visible on polygonscan

Queries :question:

  1. Do I have access to the private key of my defender client? If yes, how can I access it?
  2. Where has the Matic gone? Is it residing on the Ethereum network?
  3. How can I move my transferred matic to defender client?

Hi @Vipin_Aggarwal

Your address is the same on Matic and Ethereum but it seems you transfered the tokens on the ethereum network. You would need to bridge those tokens to polygon and send them to your Matic relayer to have them there.

To answer your questions:

  1. No you dont have access to relayer private keys
  2. Yes it is still on ethereum at the address of your Matic relayer
  3. You will need to bridge the tokens to Polygon first

I see that the tokens have been subsequently moved since your original transaction, are you still in control of them?