MasterChef contract missing TimeLock transactions

hi all, sorry for the newbe question.
i am trying to figure out how could SushiSwap MasterChef.totalAllocPoint change without queuing on TimeLock, as far as i see on MC (v1) the totalAllocPoint is set (besides initialization) on the Add function and on set function, both have an onlyOwner modifier and by my understanding must be run only by the timeLock contract (which is the MC owner), however the most recent transaction on the timeLock contract occured on 27th Sep 2020, and i know that the totalAllocPoint has changed since than, can you please advise what am i missing here?

Can you share the addresses involved so it’s easier to look into?

Hi Frangio,
SushiSwap MC1 - 0xc2edad668740f1aa35e4d8f227fb8e17dca888cd
TimeLock - 0x9a8541ddf3a932a9a922b607e9cf7301f1d47bd