Mappings rOwned and tOwned

Hi Zeppelins…

In many contracts there are two different mappings for in hold addresses. The tOwned is clear to me, they are all the accounts that they hold but … What is the function of rOwned?

mapping (address => uint256) private _rOwned;
  mapping (address => uint256) private _tOwned;

An example contract that has it like this:

rOwned is the balance with reflective fees

could you explain me more about the reflection?

thanks @FreezyEx . Why is in a different map?

These fees do not have to reach in the total balance of the holders?

the reflection fee is a commission of each transaction that is distributed to all token holders.
It is a kind of passive staking.
This is to reward the holding attitude.

thanks @Cainuriel
by the way, what is this function?

function _reflectFee(uint256 rFee, uint256 tFee) private {
        _rTotal = _rTotal.sub(rFee);
        _tFeeTotal = _tFeeTotal.add(tFee);

here what is rTotal?
tTotal is total supply. right? but I don’t understand rTotal.

uint256 private _rTotal = (MAX - (MAX % _tTotal));

Good cuestion.

I’m studying the contract along with you. And this would be for another thread.

Obviously it is related to supply, but I am not very clear what it intends.

  uint256 private constant MAX = ~uint256(0);
  uint256 private _tTotal = 1000000000 * 10**18;
  uint256 private _rTotal = (MAX - (MAX % _tTotal));

What can be deduced from the _reflectfee function is that it separates the fee to be returned to all holders from the other fees. It is striking that you subtract the amount of return.

if you have any idea, plz let me know about the rToal