Making an high-quality NFT Smart Contract

Hello, I started learning programming, what features of this smart contract are needed to make a simple NFT that can mint several items together.

It is preferable to use the least and best features...

What is each one of these for?

  • Mintable
  • Auto Increment Ids
  • Burnable
  • Pausable
  • Votes
  • Enumerable
  • URI Storage
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.9;

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC721/ERC721.sol";

contract MyNFT is ERC721 {
    constructor() ERC721("MyNFT", "NFT") {}

And is this function correct? Is there a better and cheaper way on ERC721? ( not ERC721A, ... )

function mint(uint num) public payable
        uint256 supply = totalSupply();

        require(Minting, "Sale must be active to mint tokens");
        require(supply + num <= Maximum, "Purchase would exceed max tokens");
        require(Price * num <= msg.value, "Ether value sent is not correct");

        for (uint256 i = 0; i < num; i++)
            _safeMint(msg.sender, supply + i);

You can read the documentation. It's all linked in Wizard.

I think the function is correct. At first sight it looks vulnerable to reentrancy in a way that would allow more than the max to be minted, but because you use supply + i attempts at reentrancy would revert, unless there is some value from burning the token which would allow it to be reminted.

I don't think there is a significantly cheaper way to do what you appear to want to do.