Lock and swap time

I have a big question guys.

I am implementing a test "swap" but this question came up.

I have an ERC20 token with its respective locks and implement a secondary token, this being an exchange token without any additional function...

On my first ERC20 token I have my respective linear locks.

Is there any way to exchange 1 to 1 the secondary token for a contract of the tokens locked in the swap?

Or must the locked tokens be distributed manually?

Tengo una gran duda chicos.

estoy implementando un "swap" de prueba pero me surgio esta pregunta.

Tengo un token ERC20 con sus respectivos bloqueos e implemente un token secundario, siendo este un token de intercambio sin ninguna funcion adicional...

En mi primer token ERC20 tengo mis respectivos bloqueos lineales .

Existe alguna forma de intercambiar 1 a 1 el token secundario por un contrato de los token bloqueados en el swap?

O necesariamente deben distribuirse los tokens bloqueados manual?

Emmmm, could you please share your contract code if possible.

Well, notice the swap is the typical uniswap fork.

Changing the function of BNB / TOKEN BEP20 only.

Now what I would like is to distribute these locked tokens 1 to 1 through a swap but I think it is impossible.

What other way is there to send blocked tokens?

Sorry, but how did you lock your TWPT token?